TheC64 Maxi Game Tool

Using this tool, you can create your own custom carousel with your own games, screenshots and data. This does NOT require any hardware modifications. You can do everything without modifying your TheC64 device physically; you don’t even have to open it. This tool works with both TheC64Mini and TheC64 (Maxi). Scroll to the bottom of this page for complete documentation. Visit the Official Homepage.

TheC64 Maxi Game Tool 2020

Note: All efforts have been made to ensure this tool is safe. However, it offers no warranty – expressed or implied – and neither the developers nor this website are liable for any issues that may arise from the use of this application.

Download Files

Hashes and Virus Info

In rare cases, the main executable may trip an antivirus package warning as “machine.learning” or similar potential malware. The hashes for this file are:

MD5: 26da34a66861f9c51591b4e3bc1c652a
SHA1: 5f334a201d6628cb5500acb0d5e28ea5c6097fb1
SHA256: afa21fd0262008547d4d7f50b25d942b30eed71d427240d9fad0e1852b63dd9e
CRC32: 0572b458

You can cross reference the MD5 hash with respected virus research site Virus Total by clicking here.

The developer believes “… the reason for being detected could be the use of Read and Write process memory I use to get multi crt to work in vice.”

Our Tutorial Videos

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On mobile? Want it out of the frame? Click here. Note: We are aware of some missing items in this documentation including restoration of original games and the Multi CRT functionality. This document will be updated and more, companion videos added to the tutorial.