Using Your Own Games

As part of our “How To” series, this page will discuss how to use your own games with TheC64Mini.

How do I use my own game images?

Format a USB memory stick/drive as FAT32.  Copy your game images (.d64, et al) to USB stick.  Insert the stick into the USB port on TheC64Mini.  An icon will appear in the bottom right of the interface.  Select that icon, then choose the game image you wish to play.

What are the concerns about using my own game images?

  • You cannot bring your games into the main “64 games menu” – they are only launch-able from the USB icon file browser.
  • The following formats can be used: d64, g64, d81, d82, t64, tap, prg, p00 and crt.
  • You can only have 256 games in the “root” of your USB drive.  Make subfolders (such as A-Z or put games into category folders) to keep the number of games below 256 per folder.
  • Only the games included on the device are guaranteed to run.  If you find your own image doesn’t work, try to find an alternate image.  Due to copy protection schemes or “cracks”, a different copy may work.