CJM Config Files

These are config files created by users just like you using our CJM Configuration File Tool.  These are provided as-is and while there is no real risk of any issues from using one of these files on you TheC64, we cannot ultimately be responsible for their use.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for updates and more information about what is available.  Problems?

Note: This list may take a minute to load.  Be patient.

Updated 12/9/2018:

  • First release of this files tool

How This Works

We have over a thousand of these CJM config files created by users.  However, it is very likely that a person makes more than one (in some cases – they can make almost 10 before they ‘get it right’).  To help reduce the number of “poor quality” files you might see, we limit the display to the most RECENT CJM file for a given file.  We use the MD5 hash of C64 game image used to uniquely identify it.  This isn’t perfect, but it is a start.  At some point, this tool will be enhanced to offer a more robust system of user voting and confidence factors to show more and more files as necessary to help you get the right one.