CJM Configuration File Tool

CJM files are configuration files that dictate how TheC64 console runs the game.  Looking to download some CJM files our users have made?

Our editor will help you easily create a file with the same name as your game but with the .cjm extension. Put this file with your game on the USB drive you use for your TheC64.

Updated 1/2/2019:

Updated 12/6/2018:

  • Add: Added an option for “Native” system type; letting TheC64Mini decide how to handle PAL/NTSC.  This required some core code rewrite of the app; we tested it – but if anything crazy shows up, let us know.
  • Add: You can now quickly clone joystick mappings back and forth between J1 and J2.
  • Fix: If no options are selected that build the “X:” line in the config file, the entire line is removed to ensure the config file is completely clean.

Updated 11/22/2018:

  • Added support for third party controllers!  Currently, Logitech F710 wireless is supported, but added a full framework for adding more.  Contact me if you have another controller to add.
  • Added a period and forward slash to the mapping collection.

Updated 11/21/2018:

  • Fixed a bug where a stray value was written at the end of .CJM files as they were downloaded.  The stored versions were not affected by this.
  • Under the hood changes to control mapping options – popular keys appear at the top of the list; added many more key mapping options!

Updated 11/1/2018:

  • You must select a disk image first. Needed to get the MD5 of the file which helps us tie .cjm files to a particular release.
  • When clicking the create button, a new window will open and push the .cjm to you; but you will also get a direct download link to share your .cjm.
  • Appreciate your feedback and bugs: send to me here.